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New Upcoming Regulation Alert


The new building energy efficiency standards will come into effect in 2013! The current building energy efficiency standards are based on the 2008 Standards. The details of the new standards are not available to the public. We will post the details as they become available.

Welcome to Spirit Engineering

Spirit Engineering is a new generation engineering firm. Our team consists of over 50 years of diverse experience and leadership.


Our design services are conducted with a direct approach that first identifies the needs of our client and then establish the goals and objectives to satisfy our client's needs.


At Spirit Engineering, we focus on innovative, energy efficient, yet cost effective design solutions to meet your needs. So, where do we begin? Your vision and idea, of course. Our mechanical, electrical, and plumbing service design team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each of our projects. What does this mean to you? A seamless improvement process that is executed and managed by a collaborative team experienced engineers. The end result? Turning your vision and idea into reality.


With today's fast-pace environment, construction projects have moved more rapidly than ever, and the solution to one problem is often the determinant for the next step. For that reason, we place a priority on every client call and respond within 24 hours. Each project has direct involvement from a Principal member of our staff, ensuring that your project gets the experienced attention it deserves.


To meet design goals and prevent costly change orders, we perform repeated checks and maintain an ongoing dialogue with architects and other team members. Plans are drafted only after thoroughly surveying the job site for all existing conditions. Testing and modification is done right in the field. We conduct feasibility checks on all final plans right on site before they are issued. This meticulous care means a better project, done right the first time.


Each project at Spirit Engineering starts with two questions: what can we save and what can we make more efficient? Designing our projects with minimal impact on the environment is an integral part of our design process: we retain the original infrastructure and reuse materials when possible, focus on waste reduction, and seek energy-efficient options. We are committed to keeping up to date with the latest energy management solutions and government energy rebate programs, and are skilled in energy consulting, green building design, and energy audits.


Qualification: Our team of design engineers is licensed in the State of California (PE), as well as Accredited Professionals from the U.S. Green Building Counsel (USGBC). We also have extensive experience in both DSA and OSHPD review processes.

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